2003 Classes with Mitch Nur
Kotodama and the Human Voice - August 23, 2003


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August 23, 2003   12noon-5pm
The Human Voice is the most accessible instrument of Sacred Sound. In Japan, the term 'kotodama' means "the spirit of words", and in this afternoon class, everything from chanting to harmonic overtone singing will be examined. Mitch Nur has studied the Tuvan style with shaman Nikolai Oorschak Munsukowitsch , and with Mongolia's overtone master teacher, Odsuren and the Honored Artist of the Buryiat Republic- Battuvshin. Mitch has been presenting Human Voice workshops throughout the USA for the past decade. He makes his presentations informative and easy to grasp the techniques required to be an effective overtone singer. This class will explore all aspects of the use of the voice for mantras, chanting, toning, and overtone singing.
Cost for this class is: $50    12noon - 5pm
VISA and Mastercard accepted
Please bring a notebook and a bottle of water
Call 215/538-2708 to register for this class

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