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2004 Classes with Mitch Nur
Weisel House


Peruvian Shamanic Whistling Vessels - March 2004 Equinox | Mitch Nur Biograpy | Weisel House | Directions to the Workshop

This workshop has lodging available for those students who wish overnight accommadations. The workshop is being held at the historic Weisel Hostel near Lake Nockamixon, Pennsylvania. Weisel is a former large country estate dating from the early 1900's, and is operated by the Bucks County Department of Parks and Recreation. You will need to bring your own bed linens, personal hygiene items, and food (they have a full operating kitchen for your use,including cooking and eating utensils). Overnight rates are $12 per person. There is 1 private Family Room available (check for availability). I have personally inspected the rooms, and they are very nice and the staff at the hostel are just wonderful and helpful. The phone number is 215/536-8749 if you have questions about the Weisel House. Reservations for rooms are  made through 9ways.

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