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2004 Classes with Mitch Nur
Peruvian Shamanic Whistling Vessels - March 2004 Equinox


Peruvian Shamanic Whistling Vessels - March 2004 Equinox | Mitch Nur Biograpy | Weisel House | Directions to the Workshop

photo by Mitch Nur
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Peruvian Shamanic Whistling Vessels

Experience the visionary sound tool of the great Incan Empire. This 3 hour class and journey introduces you to the historical, cultural, and shamanic uses of these sonic marvels. For over 2,500 years the Andean civilazations have produced earthenware, multi-chambered vessels. These vessels have been shown to produce sounds or whistles that are generated within the greatest sensitivity range of the human ear. When blown simultaneously, in specific numbers, a psycho-acoustical effect is created. These vessels are called 'huacas', a basic term denoting something sacred or holy. Mitch Nur has presented this class throughout the USA and presents a dynamic class with the vessels.
This class is limited to only 8 participants and sells out very quickly. You are strongly urged to register early for this opportunity to experience these vessels. No musical experience is required.

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Spring Equinox Event
March 21, 2004    7pm-10pm
cost for this program: $50
VISA and Mastercard accepted

To register for this event, call 215-538-2708

Students should bring something comfortable to sit on.

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