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Himalayan Shamanic Sound Workshop - October 18,2003


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Bonpo Shang

October 18, 2003    1pm-9pm

This 1/2 day workshop features two of the most powerful shamanic sound tools. The Bönpo Shang, the ritual upturned flat bell from ZhangZhung, and the Denguru or Dhyangro, the two headed snake handled drum of the Jhankri or Nepalese shamans. The focus of this workshop is to introduce students to the Shang in a hands on program that will not only provide an academic background, but take students through exercises that will acquaint students with this 18,000 year old instrument. The workshop concludes with an examination of Himalayan shamanism and a drum class featuring the Denguru.
Mitch Nur began his study of shamanic drumming in Kathmandu, Nepal in 1975 with the Jhankri shaman Kum al Ra. His journey into the 'mundum' or way of the shaman coupled with travels to the monasteries in Nepal has given Mitch Nur a unique position to teach from. Mitch is one of only a handful of teachers worldwide who has actually lived and studied in the Himalayas. He remains a 'practicing' student of Lamas from the Bon and Nyingma Traditions.
Mitch Nur and Two Horses Running of the 9ways School of Shamanic Studies are the only 2 teachers of the Bönpo Shang in the West today. Shamanic and Energy practitioners, Vibrational healers are urged to attend. Students should bring a pad or blanket to lay on, water bottle, and an eye covering. A 90 minute dinner break is being allocated.

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Cost for this workshop is $85
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