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Debbie Edwards has an interest in Himalayan Singing Bowls which comes purely from a sincere desire to know and understand their uses for personal edification and possible future work. My interest stems from an ongoing study of different forms of Eastern practices, religions and beliefs, again a personal quest for knowledge and information. However, I could possibly incorporate Singing Bowl use in my study of Tai Chi and QiGong as well as making it an addition in my prayer group as a meditation device and an instrument of healing. I am also considering offering a seminar for an intimate group of people on the fundamentals of Singing Bowls and their healing properties.


Eleanor Linwood & Elizabeth Hall are vibrational healers combining hands on work with the Sacred Sounds of many cultures. They are both Usui Reiki and Gendai Reiki Master Teachers and have been nurses for over 35 years. Eleanor & Elizabeth work extensively with Himalayan Singing Bowls, Tingshas, and the Diagnostic Feather. Many of their Sound Instruments are centuries old.  In their hands on work they combine several different modalities, including Reiki, Reflexology, Integrated Energy Therapy and Diagnostic Feather.  They have  a private practice and each session is catered to what each person needs in the moment. Eleanor & Elizabeth also offer mandala and breathing technique instructions in support of their sound /energy modalities. They teach ongoing Usui  Reiki & Gendai Reiki  Classes up to and including the Master Teacher Level. You may contact Eleanor & Elizabeth by telephone at 267- 847- 6499.

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Allen Repetz (Allen Two Winds) is a urban shaman, following both North American Native American and Himalayan Shamanic practices. He has dedicated his life full time to healing emotional and physical problems for his clients. Allen is also a Reiki Master, a Spiritual Advisor, and Massage Therapist. Allen has access to 18 Singing Bowls, Ghantas, and Tingshas. You can reach Allen at: 610- 820- 0788 

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Kathleen M. Sterner has been working with Energy and Vibration for 10 years. She is a Nationally Certified body worker who is certified in Therapeutic Massage, Trager body re-education, Reiki mastership, Geriatric and Pregancy/Infant Massage, and Medical Massage. She has studied with Mitch Nur and Two Horses Running for the past 6 years and offers healing sessions with Himalayan Bowls, Tibetan Bells, and Gongs. She has her own private practice. You can call her at 610-336-9340


Heather Strehse began her focused quest for healing over 10 years ago.   Beginning with self-healing, she has studied numerous aspects of energy medicine.  Including the Usui method of Reiki, Inter-source Healing, Ego Release, Guided Imagery, Chakra Balancing, and Quantum Healing.  Heather has also studied and practices Native American, Himalayan, Bon, Celtic and Peruvian Shamanism.  She has studied with many highly regarded teachers, such as Mitch Nur, Two Horses Running, Veronica Lamb and Tom Cowan, to name a few. She uses her intuitive guidance to appropriately select from a variety of tools required for each individual healing session, whether that be shamanistic ritual pieces such as phurbas and tingshas, feathers, stones, and bones or ancient sound healing instruments.  Heather has incorporated her passion for sound and vibrational healing into her practice by extensively using Himalayan singing bowls and bells, tingshas, drums, gongs and the didgeridoo.  She has most recently added Holistic Nutrition to her practice.  Heather holds a Holistic Health Counseling degree from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC. It is with compassionate intentions of truth and integrity, that Heather brings healing to both adults and children in her Pennsylvania practice. Heather may be reached at 267-251-1898 or by email.

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photo by Al Faaet