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Singing Bowl Practitioners


New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina

Marie Menut ( RN, CRRN, TT, HTP, Reiki Master, Sound and Touch Healer ). Marie uses Himalayan Singing Bowls and Tingshas to diagnose and treat people. The variation in pitch and tone of these instruments enables Marie to identify blocks in a person's energy field caused by the trauma of physical, emotional or spiritual wounds. The penetrating sound of these sacred instruments helps people to heal: to balance themselves. A sense of relaxation, release of stress and blocked emotions is felt. Marie has a private practice and gives workshops to lay and professional groups



Malcolm Shute - Native American Style Flutes, CD’s for Meditation and Imagery, Sound/Energy Therapy, and Reiki.

Malcolm Shute, FoxHead Wood Flutes, Music and Healing, is involved with making and playing Native American Style Flutes, CD's for meditation and facilitating healing with sound/vibration/energy therapy.  He performs his work using flutes, shakuhachi, Himalayan singing bowls, tingshas, drum, and Reiki as well as EFT.  He often uses guided imagery, tones and energy therapy to facilitate patients reduction in stress and pain enabling the body to focus better on healing itself.

He consults with Integrated Medicine at St. Francis Hospital, working with surgical, pre-surgical, cardiac, cancer, hospice and other patients going on to three years.  His studies have included, with many certificates, Reiki III, Himalayian Singing Bowls for Healing Level III, Holographic Sound HEaling, Gong Healing, Huna, Sun Style Tai Chi and TAi Chi for Rehabilitation, EFT, Hospice.  He was ordained with the Universal Life Church.

Mr. Shute designed his native style flutes to play easily.  He carves these with hand gouges and jack knives and finishes them with oil and beeswax.  His music that he creates and records live comes from the spirits of the northwoods.   He has been involved in the environmental health field professionally, and with commercial art and Chinese Brush Painting. You may contact Malcolm Shute at: 860-561-3140 (although in and out a lot, Malcolm feels personal contact is important)

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Joa Agnello-Traista, B.S. in Health Education, LMT.,Certified Voice and Sound Healer (Karina Shelde's educational program). Joa has been a body worker for 21 years and incorporates sound in all her sessions. She also  incorporates himalayan and crystal bowls when appropriate. Other sound sessions are more shamanic in nature and each session is catered to what each person needs in the moment. Joa works in western Massachusetts as well as in Connecticut.  MA (413)-238-5336 and in CT (860)-841-8989

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photo by Al Faaet