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Singing Bowl Practitioners


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John Ananda is a vibrational healer combining hands on work with the Sacred Sounds of many cultures. John works extensively with Himalayan Singing Bowls, Gongs and Pre Columbian Peruvain Whistling Vessels. Many of his Sound Instruments are centuries old.  In his hands on work he combines several different modalities, including Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki. Working from a Shamanic perspective and his own inner knowing he intuits what is needed in the moment. John is a owner of Back to Source Healing Arts Gallery, in Lanesville, Gloucester, MA. He can be contacted at 978- 281-4299

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Nancy  McNeely: Nancy completed the master class in Himalayan bowls in May of 2005. She has over 30 years practice in meditation, and now incorporates the bowls in her daily practice. Nancy has studied under Deepak Chopra in India, Ram Dass in Costa Rica, as well as visited many sacred sights around the world. She is a member of the International Campaign for Tibet,  ACLU, Theosophical Society, Amnesty International, Green Peace, and the Society of Unity Churches. Nancy volunteers for the Refugee Immigration Ministry and the local food pantry. She is currently working towards being ordained as an Interfaith Minister. To contact please call: 978-270-7019.

Joa Agnello-Traista, B.S. in Health Education, LMT.,Certified Voice and Sound Healer (Karina Shelde's educational program). Joa has been a body worker for 21 years and incorporates sound in all her sessions. She also  incorporates himalayan and crystal bowls when appropriate. Other sound sessions are more shamanic in nature and each session is catered to what each person needs in the moment. Joa works in western Massachusetts as well as in Connecticut.  MA (413)-238-5336 and in CT (860)-841-8989

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Dr. Michael R. Verrilli, DO is a Board-Certified Osteopathic physician who maintains a practice of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and shamanic healing in Northampton, Massachusetts.  Dr. Verrilli has trained at  Botsford Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and Hartford Hospital.  He  has been initiated into Peruvian shamanism by Q'ero elder Don Manuel Quispe.  He has learned Advanced Himalayan Singing Bowl healing from Mitch Nur, PhD, and he offers both individual sound healing sessions and sound healing as part of his professional practice. Michael can be reached at (413) 584- 5921.

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Mona Wind- Business and Retreat Coach Mona Wind specializes in supporting men and women to live their life to the fullest. Using personal development and eastern healing tools, clients are helped in overcoming blocks towards their desired success. May it be attracting financial abundance or improving relationships, I can help you move forward rapidly. You may call Mona at (781) 438-4078 or email her. Visit me on the web for upcoming life changing events.

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