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For students that are interested in Sound Therapy through the use of indigenous instruments; 9ways is the premiere learning experience. We feature programs on many of the well known instruments and a few that many have never heard of or knew existed. We offer the most extensive program with Singing Bowls that exists in the world today, and we offer programs with Bells, Gongs, Nagani Bells (aka tingshas), Incan Huaca Silbadors, and a host of others that can feature everything from Conch Shells, Asmat Fue, Didjeridu, to the Porotiti or Human Voice. 9ways is like a museum dedicated to Sacred Sound. Students find that our programs extend far beyond the confines of what is offered by others around the country. The disregard to traditional studies in favor of non-traditional ones, is a careless exercise that robs the student of critical information that formulates their experience and learning. Without deep penetration there is no awareness, without awareness, there is no knowledge, knowledge without experience, does not sharpen the sword of wisdom.


The Academia is the sole presenter of the Harmonic Therapy Practicum, which teaches students how to use harmonics in conjunction with indigenous instruments to facilitate psycho-acoustical experiences.

9ways also presents a viable and insightful expose on shamanism that is quite out of the box, compared to other shamanic programs presented by others. We refer to these studies as indigenous science, and present this view in an engaging and understandable way, that not only educates, but elevates. Being respectful to the indigenous cultures of the world, and on the same hand, offering experience as an entry point to better grasp the subject under review, facilitates a better conscious appreciation of what has been handed down through history to us. Philosophy, and understanding the use of ritual and ceremony are important touchstones in creating a better appreciation of the world and the peoples around us. Global Indigenous Shamanic Studies: an exploration of ancestral insights and practices is the curriculum, Between 2 Worlds is the starting point.

Ritual Drumming: Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche and Mitch Nur

We offer 1 and 2 day programs, weeklong retreats and Advanced Programs that are intended for serious practitioners who want to go beyond the confines of what is available today.

Nagani Bell Class with Khenpo Ratsa Tenzin Dargye and Mitch Nur, PhD

9ways specialized programs include: Asmat Fue, Bonpo Shang, Bullroarer, Chanting, Conch Shells, Didjeridu, Ghantas (aka dril-bhu), Gongs, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Incan Huaca Silbadors, Kabuni (aka Berimbau), Kangling, Mouth Harps, Overtone Singing, Nagani Bell (aka Tingsha), Rattles, Shofar, Taonga Puoro, and Xun.

Including ritual pieces: Dalo (rice basket), Dhyangro (aka Denguru, shamans drum), Kucho (shamans broom), Kartika, Melong, Phurba, Skeleton Club, Skull Club, Tun Wa, Vajra (aka Dorje), and Visvavajra.

Additional classes on Shamanic Studies (Elementals), Meditation Studies, Harmonic Therapy, Foundations of Sacred Sound, Himalayan Sound Healing, Incan Shaman Whistles, Drum Journey, Global Indigenous Shamanic Studies, Chinese Spouting Bowls, Tibetan Prayer Flags, Setting up Himalayan shaman, Bon and Buddhist Altars, Monastic Cymbals and Long Horns, Hevajra Tantra, 9ways of Bon, Prajnaparamita, Sammitsu (the 3 Mysteries), Four Directions, the Black Class, Dharma Talks, Dialog with the Drum, Intro to Tibetan Buddhism, Intro to Bon, Sur Ritual, Understanding Dzogchen, Understanding Ngondro, Return 2 Light (sacred sounds concerts), and Thogchags.

Earth Drum Journey: Global Indigenous Shamanic Studies program