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A c a d e m i a
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The Academia is where our programs are presented to the public sector. The focus is to present a wide range of subjects that are pertinent for the times. These are thorough examinations that are academic, scientific, and philosophical in nature; culled from years of field studies and trainings with traditional teachers from within the culture that the subject originates.

Photo by Mitch Nur, PhD, copyright 2009

Upcoming studies for 2013: Himalayan Singing Bowl Advanced Certification Studies, Advanced classes with Gongs, and Global Indigenous Shamanic Studies. Additional general study programs for 2013 will include the Boston Gong Camp, Sonic Theology, Tractor Beam, live performance programs Sacred Sounds and Nada Yoga, Singing Bowls of the Himalayas, and the BLACK CLASS. Also in 2013, a special examination of Reiki, a historical case study returns after a 2 year hiatus. Mitch will present The Three Mysteries, his 20 year research investigation into the historical roots of Reiki, and the rise of the Japanese system prior to World War 2. This is a MUST program for all teachers and practitioners of this energetic system.

There will be no Advanced Studies with the Bonpo Shang in 2013.

Mitch will be a featured presenter at the 2013 Sound Healing Retreat at Menla Retreat Center in June 2013.

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