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Program instructor is Mitch Nur, PhD. founder of the 9ways Academia, Founder/Director of the Harmonic Therapy Association, Principle Instructor of the 9ways Mystery School of Indigenous Studies, and creator of the Sacred Sounds Retreat and Sacred Sound Workshops. He is the world's foremost authority on Himalayan metallophones including Singing Bowls, Singing Bells (Ghantas), Nagani Bell (Tingsha ritual cymbals), and the Bonpo Shang (ritual flat bell of ZhangZhung). He has lectured all over the world about the healing and transformative nature of Singing Bowls and is regarded as an 'insider' by Tibetan and Nepalese academics. Mitch has studied and completed Preliminary or Foundational Practices as well as high teachings in both the Nyingma and Bon traditions. He has been a teaching assistant and advisor to visiting Tibetan Lamas for nearly 3 decades, and his credentials far surpass anyone else in the world on this subject.

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2009 Master Class students

Mitch's Master Classes have evolved over the years into the most comprehensive study in the world today. The main difference between this course of study and the others, is a total commitment to Singing Bowls. Not a part time study that incorporates other instruments mixed in, expressing a modality that incorporates Singing Bowls, but a 90 hour syllabus completely focused on Singing Bowls. Most Singing Bowl training programs are simply a version of a so called sound healing class. What can you possibly learn in an environment like that, where the Singing Bowl is just one element?

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2010 Master Class students

Over the years, many of Mitch's students have gone on to start businesses around Singing Bowls, or enhanced their already existing practice by integrating them in to it. Can you imagine how quickly your abilities accelerate when you commit to a 90 hour program that incorporates numerous demonstrations, concise easy to understand direction and mentoring; information that spans thousands of years through many cultures, that is presented in a refreshing interpretation easily grasped? Throw in science, philosophy, and on going developments in psychology and human development, and you have a course of study that is unmatched in present times.

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This blend of history, culture, and science, combined with demonstrations and exhibits, private mentoring, with encouragement and direction is your first choice when it comes to the study of Himalayan Singing Bowls. This program also offers classes in evaluating and grading them, harmonic sets, Singing Bowls from other cultures, Harmonic Therapy, and more.

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Master Class students examine an antique Tibetan medical scroll showing the energy channels


Certification by the 9ways Academia is an important measure of accomplishment, and is a stand alone testament to a student's measure of study and commitment. Every student that completes the program receives a full color 11x14 inch embossed certificate. They are also eligible to attend future Master Class programs for no, or minimal cost depending upon venue. No other program in the world offers this option. This allows the student to increase their level of learning, and to keep up with the latest developments in the Certification program.

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MASTER CLASS students with Khenpo Ratsa Geshe Tenzin Dargye

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