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Sonic Theology


August 25, 2013
1pm to 4:30pm

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with Mitch Nur, PhD

A critically important program for everyone working with sound. Mitch Nur, PhD has been presenting programs on the applications of sacred sound, harmonics, and psychoacoustial approaches for therapeutic conversion for nearly 4 decades. He has trained hundreds worldwide, and he will host a valuable worshop on critical components of raising your awareness and building a solid foundation. A very good program for sacred sound teachers and practitioners, and those in the meditation, yoga, holistic, and energetic fields. Also, a wonderful workshop for those just interested in engaging this subject.

The next episode of Sonic Theology is a science and historical look at how sound healing actually works. An examination of the parasympathetic nervous system and how sound can influence it. Ancient approaches to sound and music therapy will be discussed. Throughout Asia Minor extending into the sands of the Gobi Desert, the merging of sound, music, movement, and dance became not only a spiritual awareness, but a therapeutic one as well. Music rooms were attached to clinics and hospitals, long treatises on healing with sound and music were written, composed, and taught at the universities. These applications and theories will be examined and demonstrated in this experiential workshop, presented by Mitch Nur, PhD; an international sound teacher and therapist, Founder of the Harmonic Therapy Association, and senior teacher for the 9ways Academia, a private philosophical learning academy. This workshop will look at sound healing through a demonstration, and research seldom discussed in any sound program anywhere. A serious examination that will elevate everyone's learning curve.

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