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Singing Bowl Therapists

Medicine Buddha

Here you will find an alphabetical listing by State, of Therapist's who integrate Himalayan Singing Bowls into their practice. The listed therapist's have all been certified by 9ways, under the training of Mitch Nur, PhD., the world's foremost authority on Himalayan Sacred Sound Tools. These practitioners have all met the academic requirements, as well as the neccessary lab hours to become certified.

Marie Menut ( RN, CRRN, TT, HTP, Reiki Master, Sound and Touch Healer ). Marie uses Himalayan Singing Bowls and Tingshas to diagnose and treat people. The variation in pitch and tone of these instruments enables Marie to identify blocks in a person's energy field caused by the trauma of physical, emotional or spiritual wounds. The penetrating sound of these sacred instruments helps people to heal: to balance themselves. A sense of relaxation, release of stress and blocked emotions is felt. Marie has a private practice and gives workshops to lay and professional groups.

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Malcolm Shute ( Foxhead Wood Flutes, Music and Healing. Native American Style Flutes, Cd's for Meditation and Healing, Sound/Energy Therapy ). Malcolm Shute earned his BA in Microbiology in 1967, is a registered Sanitarian, and served in the environmental health field until retirement in 2003. He also earned certificates in commercial art, Reiki, Holographic Sound Healing, and Master Class instruction on the healing use of Himalayan Singing Bowls. He has taught Chinese Brush Painting. Malcolm is self taught in the making and playing of Native American Style Flutes that he uses in sound/energy therapy. Malcolm's instructors in the Holistic Arts includes Reiki with Michael Fuchs (2003), Holographic Sound Healing with Randeane Tetu (2003), Himalayan Singing Bowl Master Classes with Mitch Nur (2004), and Gong Healing with Don Conreaux (2004). Malcolm's instruments for sound/energy therapy includes Native American Flutes, Drum, Rattles, Tingshas, Chinese Health Balls, Himalayan Singing Bowls and Gongs. He uses imagery, tones and vibration/energy to carry the needed intent to help individuals reduce levels of stress and pain enabling the body to focus better on healing itself. Malcolm routinely meets with Integrated Medicine at St.Francis Hospital and volunteers doing sound/energy therapy work with cardiac and sugical patients as well as working privately with individuals. You may contact Malcolm Shute at 860-561-3140. 

Debbie Edwards has an interest in Himalayan Singing Bowls which comes purely from a sincere desire to know and understand their uses for personal edification and possible future work. My interest stems from an ongoing study of different forms of Eastern practices, religions and beliefs, again a personal quest for knowledge and information. However, I could possibly incorporate Singing Bowl use in my study of Tai Chi and QiGong as well as making it an addition in my prayer group as a meditation device and an instrument of healing. I am also considering offering a seminar for an intimate group of people on the fundamentals of Singing Bowls and their healing properties.

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Craig Parian has explored Conscious Evolution in the area of Yoga, meditation, Eastern spiritual scriptures, South American Shamanic practices and personal study with enlightened masters since 1970. With the help of his spiritual teacher Brenda Morgan, Craig has realized his connection to sound and vibration. Drawn to music at an early age, craig has performed and studied piano, voice, and other instruments. Through the guidance of his teacher, Mitch Nur, Craig has become a Level 3 practitioner in the use of himalayan Singing Bowls as vibrational healing tools. "It is my interest to work with people who understand that healing, and the Evolution of One's Consciousness are inextricably linked. utilizing sound and harmonics focuses our attention into that profound space from where 'everything arises". By anchoring one's awareness in this Source, which is Well-Being and happiness, healing in the physical, mental, and emotional bodies occurs naturally." Craig may be contacted by phone at 215-862-1655.

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Kathleen M. Sterner has been working with Energy and Vibration for 10 years. She is a Nationally Certified body worker who is certified in Therapeutic Massage, Trager body re-education, Reiki mastership, Geriatric and Pregancy/Infant Massage, and Medical Massage. She has studied with Mitch Nur and Two Horses Running for the past 6 years and offers healing sessions with Himalayan Bowls, Tibetan Bells, and Gongs. She has her own private practice. You can call her at 610-336-9340.

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New Jersey
Mitchell McCann has brought her Sangha (community) of Himalayan Bowls together over the past 10 years. She received the Medicine Buddha Initation from Ven.Gehlek Rinpoche and Robert Thurman in 2003. She has studied QiGong healing with Fran and Brian Coffey, and holds Reiki Master Energy. Mitchell is a certified yoga instructor. She is available to play and/or lecture for groups, workshops, meditation or yoga classes. Mitchell McCann does individual healings. Telephone: 908-604-5911, Cell: 908-295-6925

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