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Shamanic Drum Journey Series

9ways Mystery School of Shamanic Studies

The basic tool of a Shaman is the ability to travel or journey to alternate realities and intrepret those journeys accurately. The Drum Journey is one of the most ancient and universally revered methods of attaining a lucid presence in non-ordinary reality. With repetition the skill can be developed and used to enhance the abilities of energetic or shamanic practitioners/healers, and it can be incorporated into your everyday life to give you a fuller understanding of the universe around you. The 9ways Drum Journey Series is designed to introduce the beginner to the art of shamanic drum journeys and to develop the skills of serious students. Each class begins with a discussion on a specific journey, its history and application. The room and participants are then smudged and traditional prayers are said. Then the journey itself begins. The class closes with a group discussion. Participants are advised to bring an eye covering and a pad or blanket. This series will run from November through January. You can register for ALL or PART of this series.

This series will include the following:

Classes will be held at :
Lehigh Valley Healing Arts
5412 Shimerville Rd.
Emmaus, PA   18049

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