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Harmonic Therapy Practicum


Set, Setting, the Circles of Fifths,
and the Sumerian Scale


Program Fee: $50


The next level of awareness in the field of Sound or Music Therapy is Harmonic Therapy. For the past 2 decades it has translated into Sound Healing by many presenters, recording artists, authors, and more. But it seems to be an ubiquitous word being defined as everything from Egyptian Healing Wands to inter dimensional realities of intergalactic or Atlantan origination. This hodge podge of extreme components has some how ignored science and created a semiotic world et al Barthes. Which through a non academic approach has diluted the intention and effectiveness of first hand psycho acoustical methods. Harmonic Therapy provides a first hand experience through the layering of sound environments using harmonics and contsruct sounds to define harmonic stimulation. One uses physical exercises to tone the body, why not a psycho-acoustical exercise to tone the mind?


Inducing psycho acoustical environments can tear down unwanted patterns, improve well being and sleep issues, can restore balance, and provide spiritual stimulation.

The Harmonic Therapy Practicum, is an examination on how, and why, sound can be a therapeutic agent. This is an academic study that goes far beyond what is offered in so called 'sound healing' programs nationwide, and rivals any college or university program. Students that wish to actually obtain useful and pertinent information to build a strong foundation into the science and application of sound and vibration therapy should give this program strong consideration.

Hosted and presented by Mitch Nur who has for the last 4 decades, devoted his time and resources to presenting programs on the therapeutic nature of sound, music, and vibration. Long before the New Age movement, Mitch was living abroad, engrossed with studies with indigenous practitioners. His wealth of knowledge with indigenous music, musical instruments, and science, has made him one of the leaders in this field. His programs with Himalayan Singing Bowls is legendary, and he is recognized by Nepalese and Tibetan authorities as an 'insider'.

Over the past 3 decades he has been engrossed in the study of Harmonic Therapy ( Trade Mark pending ), a term he has chosen over sound healing, to differentiate between an academic approach and someone just banging on an instrument with their head in the stars. If you internet search on the term sound healing, 4,620,000 results will drop, very few of these results actually present an academic/scientific view. The time to go beyond Cymatics, fibonacci sequences, tuning forks, and the simple notion that everything vibrates is now.


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