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Harmonic Therapy


Harmonic Therapy is a non invasive based treatment, employing the over and undertones of sound through the use of indigenous instruments. Played live, they allow the listener an enhanced firsthand experience.

Benefits include: Stress Reduction, Deeper Relaxation, Improves Memory, Offers the Opportunity to Develop a Deeper Understanding of Oneself.

The use of Harmonics has been recorded in the Tang Annals of China and in the Vedic cultures. Studied and employed therapeutically by the ancient Greeks and Sumerians. Utilized in ceremony and ritual by indigenous traditions worldwide. Applied in shamanic practices.

An assembly of large Gongs, harmonically tuned Himalayan Singing Bowls, and more are brought together to create a sonic domain inducive to stimulating the Parasympathetic Nervous System, influence brainwaves, encourages cognitive neuro behavior, and impacts brainstates.

Sessions generally last approx. 60 minutes. A discussion of the framework of the session is determined before the session begins.

Psycho-Acoustical Insights May Occur