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Over 38 years ago I traveled to the Himalayas in search of Singing Bowls and the information about them. I traveled beyond the foothills to the majestic high mountains and into the mountainside villages and monastery's in the hopes of unravelling the mystery surrounding Singing Bowls. In those days there were very few Westerners that had this interest, in fact you could count us on just one hand. Nowadays everyone is a Master, just because they attended a program or two, or actually did a 10 day vacation to Kathmandu. There's an old saying in India, " Your a Master, when you have perfected your craft for 30 years or more, not until then." I prescribe to this old saying.

Over 20 years ago one of my Teacher's at that time told me to teach the public about the true history of the Singing Bowls before this information became lost. I began by offering simple classes, but soon realized that a genuine need to teach serious practitioner's was at hand. Students who could heal others and possessed " a fire in the heart ", needed personal instruction. It was then at that time that I started to offer my Master Classes with Singing Bowls.

Students who graduate from this Master Class program have been given an immense amount of information concerning the history, culture, and applications that can be utilized using Singing Bowls. They have been instructed, that is all they have done. I only certify that I have given them the instructions concerning the history and uses, and I have asked them to be as honest as they can be in evaluating their personal expertise. I have had some very good students over the years, and most of them still attend my Master Class programs and contribute directly to the program. Knowledge you can get in a book, wisdom you only receive through direct experience. Knowledge without wisdom does not amount to much. I have given my Master Class students the knowledge, and it is with great hope that they gain the experience and develop ' Skillful Means ' to become an effective practitioner with Himalayan Singing Bowls.

With the Deepest Respect . . . Mitch Nur, PhD

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