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Are you new to this modality or you feel that you have been 'called' to them? Are you a multi discipline therapist who wants to integrate Singing Bowls into your already existing practice? Or, you currently use Singing bowls and want to move to the next level, either for personal transformation or to start a business around them? This training program is dedicated to everyone who has a sincere desire to rise above, no matter what level of prior experience. Mitch Nur, PhD is the world's leading authority on Singing Bowls, recognised by Nepalese and Tibetan academics, his studies began in the early 1970's when he travelled and lived in Nepal. At a time long before the western world popularized them, and the overwhelming majority of internet sources ever heard of them. His knowledge of their history and uses is legendary; and his training programs are unsurpassed in knowledge, accessibility, and perspective. His approach is simple, give the student every piece of accurate information about them, train them through multiple approaches and demonstrations, and mentor and support them through direction which accelerates their confidence to be an effective practitioner.

9ways Academia

Why is this program different from others? This is the only program offered, that explores the science, cultures, history, and genuine uses of these instruments, from the countries they are found in. It is also a highly informative and academic look at sound healing, how it works, and how to work with it. So it's actually 2 programs in one, a great Sound Healing course and a Himalayan Singing Bowl advanced syllabus. It is the most copied program in the USA, and is often the model for others. However, it may be copied, but it is NOT duplicated. Students can often be misled in thinking that a program is a complete examination, but after spending time and money, they may feel that their journey has not found it's end. Many students enter this program from other similar programs, and find that these Master Classes far surpass the training, or so called training they received. These Master Classes are totally focused on Singing Bowls, and no other instruments. The only modality being taught, is the Singing Bowl. There is no made up methods or modality here, no experiential theory that masquerades for fact. Just a complete examination that simply transcends most student expectations. This certification program is a 90 hour advanced syllabus, which far surpasses anything ever offered on this subject. Everyone who has completed this certification program is empowered and elevated. Many have gone on to start businesses or enhance their already existing occupation in helping and assisting others.

9ways Academia

Over the years, Mitch's Master Classes have evolved into the overwhelming choice of study by serious students of the Singing Bowls, and this year is no exception. Mitch has reformulated his program once again to make this the most complete training on Singing Bowls in the world today. The program for 2013 is broken into 2 parts which includes a 8 day retreat and a 4 day retreat to complete certification; which encompasses 90 hours of study. One important aspect of Mitch's program, is that students who complete the certification program can come back time and time again to study for no cost, or a small administration fee, depending upon venue. No other program, in any part of the world, allows the student to continue his or her studies with this option. Which is another important consideration in choosing this course of study over the others.


Mitch Nur, PhD has been training students worldwide for nearly 4 decades, he is the only teacher of this art, who has actually lived and studied in the Himalayas; he is also regarded as an 'insider', by the spiritual and indigenous traditions of that area; and for nearly the last 3 decades, he has been an assistant to visiting Tibetan Lamas. Additionally, he has trained and completed the same Foundational Practices that monks perform in the monasteries, within the Yungdrung Bön and Nyingma traditions. He was given the Tibetan name, Men-ngak Rinchen, which means ' precious esoteric wisdom.'

9ways Academia

Here is a general framework of the areas of study, topics of classes, and overall flow of the program for your review. One thing that is missing from this synopsis is the surprise or special guests that participate. Over the years, Mitch has brought in Tibetan Lamas, practitioners from Nepal, collectors from Kathmandu, and more. Throughout the program Mitch will incorporate fellow practitioners who have graduated through his program to demonstrate and talk about their practices. These are important exchanges and observations that further the overall information that is presented within the Master Class program. The Master Class Advanced Syllabus is broken into 3 areas of study: Philosophy and Science, Utilization and Applications, and Instructor Mentoring and Substantiation. Within these areas, are classes on Sound Distinctions, which examines harmonics, entrainment, frequency follow response, resonance, frequency domains, brain states, electromagnetic differentials, characteristics of metal, the eye and ear, alchemy, metallurgy, metaphysics of sound, psychoacoustical approaches, and more. Including putting together harmonic sets, evaluating and grading Singing Bowls, layout and architectural placement, tap and touch technique, bi-modality therapy, setting up your own practice, and Singing Bowls of the world.

9ways Academia

Students will be shown many unique methods of utilizing Singing Bowls, these presentations are an important aspect of this program that helps to round out the overall educational approach of the Singing Bowl. Elevating your practice and techniques is the cornerstone of this program. There are many paths in utilizing these instruments, but without information, guidance and support, navigating these paths may be difficult or challenging. Students should be supported and encouraged, not forced to adhere to a mundane system. Many techniques are used in the Himalayas by everyone from thousands of shamanic healers, to members of the monastic clergy.

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